Nikki Dilbeck


When I look at the world, I’m attracted to color and light, texture and shape. These are what inspire me as an artist. My paintings are based on images in my mind or ideas, generated mostly from my observations of the vistas and terrain in the western US. As well, notions about the condition of our environment, or environmental events, inform my work.

I create highly textured landscapes and nonrepresentational paintings. Unexpected colors invite the viewer to step closer, to see beyond the face of the painting and into the elements and ideas waiting to be discovered in it. Although I mainly paint with acrylics, I also use other media to achieve the result I’m working for in a finished piece. These may include collage, stamping, oil bar, or ink. I make my own collage papers, tinting art tissue or rice paper with acrylic paint.

Making art is an ongoing process of learning and discovery. It's an evolution of ideas and method. Over the years I've studied with a number of excellent artists who have helped me better define myself as an artist and clarify how I approach making art.